Bold Moves

My take on Bold Moves
by Matthew Keefe, Artistic Director

We’re hard at work on our next production, Bold Moves, a repertory production of three new ballets, “Carnival of the Animals”, “Appalachian Spring”, and “Rite of Spring”. I have been listening to the music and planning the staging for over a year now. The dances are all very different in style and content so choreographing them at the same time is somewhat of a challenge. But I’m deep in the creative mode and it’s inspiring to watch it come together; the artist in me is very engaged these days.

Here’s a little peek into one of the new pieces on the program:

“Rite of Spring” is a collaboration with the hip hop company Fatally Unique. Yes that’s true – we’re putting hip hop dancers and ballet dancers together on the same stage! Alonzo Russell (aka Prince Alonzo) the Director and founder of Fatally Unique is also helping me choreograph the production. This is a unique take on the “Rite of Spring” ballet narrative. We’re setting it in a contemporary time period, and our costume designers are creating modified sleeveless suits.

My vision for “Rite of Spring” is a combination of the “Hunger Games”, “Romeo and Juliet”, and the Shirley Jackson short story “The Lottery”. It’s touches on diversity, cultural norms, and how societies change over time. It’s set in a stark urban landscape, perhaps it’s today, or the future. We’re doing something brand new, so there is no road map we’re following and each day in the studio reveals something new. I want this performance to have an impact on the audience, to stir a conversation. In this production we ask a lot of questions, but don’t necessarily provide answers. Many of the images we create evoke universal themes and the resolution of the ballet is powerful. Most of the dancers are high school age and I’m asking a lot from them, but they are all proving to be up to the task.
I’m also enjoying watching the interactions of the dancers. Seeing my dancers embrace some of the Fatally Unique hip hop style and conversely watching Alonzo’s dancers explore my balletic moves is very inspiring. As the ballet begins to gel, I’m seeing the power of what we have created together. I think this ballet will have people talking, as any good art should, and inspire a new era of original dance in “Real, Original Rockford”.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Included in student division mid-year assessments is the following survey. We appreciate your business, and we endeavor to utilize your feedback to strengthen the Rockford Dance Company. Thank you for your time.

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Fabulous review for RDC’s Nutcracker

We are still floating on air about a successful run of the Nutcracker. See the following review in the Rockford Register Star!

Britt and Brent 2011

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How to make a beautiful ballet bun

Nutcracker is right around the corner! Some characters may have specific hair needs, but here is a great video detailing how to make a ballet bun. If you have any questions on your dancer’s role please feel free to contact RDC at 815-936-3341.

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Interesting Article/Study on Dance Injury

This is a paper written and  by Brittany Keefe for a final project with LEAP. This college program allows for individualized learning, specialized for working professional dancers. This paper is from Brittany’s senior project and outlines potential of psychological factors on incidence and onset of injury. The paper was written in tandem with an internship with the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries in NYC. Enjoy!

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Dance Camp Customer Satisfaction Survey

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DVD recommendations from Dance Magazine

Open Enrollment class are in session until August 24th! There is something for everyone 5 days per week. Additionally, there is another All About Dance camp August 6-10, and Ballet Bootcamp for intermediate and advanced levels August 13-17.

If you can’t make class, be sure to get outside and get some exercise and Vitamin D! Additionally, read below for some great resources found by Dance Magazine write Kara Hanlon detailing some at home/dancer friendly fitness options.

5 DVDs to Keep You in Shape This Summer

posted by Khara Hanlon on Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012

If you’re not immersed in a summer study program, or you’re just in-between classes at the moment, you are probably trying to stay in shape over the summer. Here are a few DVDs that can help during any downtime. You could even take them with you on vacation!

1. The Ten-Minute Ballet Break by Finis Jhung. It’s got short, sweet segments.

2. Active-Isolated Strength Program by Tezero Productions. Anything you can do to increase strength and decrease your risk of injury is a good thing.

3. More than Mat Pilates: Advanced level. This one is no joke.

4. Lester Horton advanced beginner’s class. This is the technique the Ailey dancers learn!

5. Zen Ga Flow by Stott Pilates. Hey, you want to work on mind-body connection, too!–Zenga-Flow

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Help us to serve you better. Please take a moment to fill out our customer satisfaction survey. Thank you in advance for your time and attention.


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GYROKINESIS® featured in Dance Magazine!

Don’t miss RDC’s new GYROKINESIS® class Mondays 9-10am. See the below Dance Magazine article to discover how it is taking the dance world by storm!

Download the article here.

You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy the benefits of taking class; it is good for every body!

For more information about Rockford Dance Company’s GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® program go to our website at or

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Summer Brochures now available!

You can dance all summer with Rockford Dance Company! “The place where dance happens in Rockford!”

In addition to our Contemporary Summer intensives (6/11-6/23), Ballet Boot Camp (8/13-8/17), Hip Hop workshop (7/9-7/27), and children’s dance camps, RDC will be offering open enrollment classes all summer long!

What is Open Enrollment and why?

In an effort to provide regular class offerings and flexibility for summer schedules,  adults and students level 3 and up may purchase a class card and attend the following Open Enrollment (OE) classes

There are two types of class cards – A and B

Type A class cards are:

  • 5 classes for $60
  • 10 classes for $120
  • 22 classes for $240 (2 free classes)

Type A class cards are good for the following classes:

  • Int/Adv Ballet classes – 5:30-7pm on Mon-Fri
    • Rotating faculty to be posted
    • For dancers in Ballet 4, 5 and adults
    • Level 3 dancers can take this class on Tues, Thurs, or Fri only.
  • Beg/Int Ballet classes – 6-7:30pm on Mon/Wed
    • For dancers in Ballet 3 and adults
  • Intermediate Modern – 7-8:30pm Tues/Thurs
    • For dancers in Modern 3, 4 and adults
  • NEW! Gyrokinesis classes – 9:00-10am on Mon
    • a great fitness class taught by certified instructor Brittany Keefe
    • Ideal for anybody and everybody

Type B Class cards are

  • 5 classes for $25
  • 10 classes for $50

Type B class cards are good for the following classes:

  • Zumba! – 5:30-6:30pm Tues/Wed/Thurs and 10:30-11:30am on Sat
  • Adult Tap classes – 9:30-10:30am on Tues/Wed
  • Adult Beginning Ballet – 8:30-9:30am on Thurs

Click below for our digital summer brochure. See you in class this summer.

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